Official Announcement! Digital Currency Has Made Positive Progress, Electronic Payment Will Meet the Best Partner, and Financial Technology Will Rise Again

Yi Gang, the governor of the People's Bank of China, said on September 24 that positive progress had been made in the study of digital currency, which was combined with electronic payment. There is no timetable for the introduction of digital currency.

Earlier, according to central bank officials, the central bank's digital currency has begun a "closed-loop test". Analysis shows that, as the "pearl on the crown" of financial science and technology, it is imperative to issue digital currency with independent sovereignty. On the one hand, it can reduce the cost of issuing and circulating traditional banknotes and improve the convenience of economic transactions. On the other hand, it can improve the efficiency of monitoring the operation of currency and enrich the monetary policy means.

It can be predicted that with the advent of the central bank's digital currency, China is expected to become the first major economy to issue digital currency. It is bound to bring subversive changes to the existing financial markets and create new business opportunities.

For the related companies, according to the theme library digital currency plate, it is shown that:

Ftsafe: the company has released the first hardware product in the industry that serves block chain technology- Coin Pass Bio, digital currency fingerprint hardware wallet, which provides a professional and complete security solution similar to the financial level for the protection of digital assets.

Sifang Jingchuang: the company is a professional financial IT service provider. Qianhai Lexunfang block chain technology, a wholly-owned subsidiary, updated its new product Fengjin on September 16. According to the data, this product records the points on the ecological block chain and maintains a permanent and stable conversion ratio of 1:1 with RMB. The company has the ability to integrate innovative applications of block chain and credit card economy, and has accumulated rich experience in research, development and operation of cryptographic digital assets such as digital currency and application credit card. The brokerage has given a target price of 55 yuan.

Sunline Technology: the absolute leader of banking core business system area, and the implementation of the central bank digital currency will promote the upgrading of the banking core system. The company is expected to benefit directly.

Homa Appliances: the company began to study digital currency and block chain technology in early 2016, and set up an innovation team. A Joint laboratory of financial science and technology was set up with Tongji University. Its main research direction is the application of block chain technology in financial industry. In addition, the company participated in the prototype design of the central bank's digital currency.

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